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The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Featured speakers include Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and money mindset expert Sean Croxton. Follow Sean on IG, Twitter, and FB at @seancroxton. Also, subscribe to his interview podcast, The Sean Croxton Sessions, on iTunes. 

Jan 20, 2020

On this MLK Day we commemorate the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his historic I Have a Dream speech.


Hosted by Sean Croxton

Jan 17, 2020

Are you avoiding debt like the plague? On today’s Finance Friday episode, Garrett Gunderson reveals a new way of looking at debt. Put this one on repeat! 

Source: Identifying Debt Correctly - Garrett Gunderson LIVE

Hosted by Sean...

Jan 16, 2020

It’s Throwback Thursday! Today we’re turning back the clock to Episode #453. Pamela Jett encourages you to monitor your negative self-talk, adopt a more optimistic attitude, and to graciously accept all compliments with a thank you. 


Source: Breakthrough: Overcoming Obstacles and Breaking Barriers in Business and...

Jan 15, 2020

Comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld stops by the show to share why he’s practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) for over 40 years. Contact your local TM center for more information.


Source: Jerry Seinfeld talks Transcendental Meditation at David Lynch Foundation Gala


Hosted by Sean...

Jan 14, 2020

Mindvalley founder Vishen Lakhiani reveals the two ways we grow — through pain and through insight. Imagine what life would be like if you could grow as a person without experiencing pain and tragedy, but rather through aha moments and allowing wisdom to flow to you.


Source: The Four Rules of Life that Change Your...