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The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Featured speakers include Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and money mindset expert Sean Croxton. Follow Sean on IG, Twitter, and FB at @seancroxton. Also, subscribe to his interview podcast, The Sean Croxton Sessions, on iTunes. 

Aug 31, 2017

Dr. Wayne Dyer returns to the show to talk about the power of forgiveness and how much it can hurt us to hold onto the anger and resentment caused by wounds from our past, and that if we want to, we are able to let go and heal ourselves at any time. 


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Aug 30, 2017

Marianne Williamson returns to the show to simplify the problems that we face, and reminds us that there is absolutely nothing we will come up against that we can’t handle because the universe is perfectly organized and has already given us everything we will ever need. 


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Aug 29, 2017

Howard Martin makes his QOD debut today to talk about what it really means to follow your heart and how important it is to listen to the intuition that we all have within to access our deepest power and take action to make our dreams come true. 


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Aug 28, 2017

Michael Wicket is back for this week’s Motivation Monday clip to remind us of how much of a difference our attitudes make int he quality of our life, and that what we focus on and how we see things, for better or worse, is ultimately up to us. 


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Aug 26, 2017

UFC Champion Conor McGregor is the focus of this week’s mix, sharing how he got to where is today using mind set, hard work, visualization and the law of attraction, and how being a little bit crazy about our passions can sometimes be what will bring us the success we all want.