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The Quote of The Day Show is your daily dose of inspiration, featuring the best-of-the-best speakers and prosperity teachers. Each episode spotlights an inspiring quote and 5-10 minute motivational audio clip to help you live a life you love. Featured speakers include Bob Proctor, Lisa Nichols, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Jim Rohn, and more. Hosted by entrepreneur and money mindset expert Sean Croxton. Follow Sean on IG, Twitter, and FB at @seancroxton. Also, subscribe to his interview podcast, The Sean Croxton Sessions, on iTunes. 

Nov 29, 2019

John Hope Bryant makes his QOD Show debut to encourage you to participate in the flow of giving and receiving, and reminds us to do the right thing because what goes around always comes around. 

Source: Global Dignity Day 2011 Finland - John Hope Bryant Website:

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Nov 28, 2019

Dr. Joe Dispenza is here for your Throwback Thursday to talk about what’s really going on in your body when you’re under stress, and reminds us that although our thoughts have the ability to make us sick, they also have the power to make us well. 

Source: TQIW Healthwise 27th July 2015 Day 1 Dr Joe Dispenza


Nov 27, 2019

Lisa Nichols returns to the show to encourage you to use your voice and always speak your truth no matter how difficult it is, because you have the power to affect the entire planet with who you are and what you have to say. 

Source: How To Use Your Voice So People Listen | Lisa Nichols Website:

Nov 26, 2019

The one and only Arnold is back on the show today to talk about being 100% fully committed to you dream and accepting all that comes with it, because there is no successful person that doesn’t fail. 


Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger "Rules of Success” 


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Nov 25, 2019

Bishop T.D. Jakes is here to deliver your Monday Motivation. Today, he is asking you a very important question about courage and reminds us all that it takes courage to be great, to be different, and to be successful. 


Source: COURAGE ft. TD Jakes | Powerful Motivational Speech 



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